August 19th -31st -

Monkfish filet with lobster cream, dill butter, leek and cauliflower

Dkk 155,-

Glazed salted celery, celery cream, pumpkin seeds

​and celery chips

Dkk 145,-

Freygaard * fillet of beef, duck liver croquette, cognac sauce truffle, parsnip puree,

potato & mushrooms

Dkk 295,-

Danish & foreign cheeses, figs & malt crispbread

Dkk 105,-

Bornholm blueberries, white chocolate, blueberry mousse, macaroons

& blueberry sorbet

​Dkk 105,-

2 courses price per person Dkk 385,00 (Dishes with bold letters)

3 courses price per person Dkk 435,00 (Dishes with bold letters)

4 courses price per person Dkk 485,00

5 courses price per person Dkk 535,00

*Freygaard Gold winner at the World Steak Challenge 2018. Finnish beef cattle raised on Finnish grasslands

A la carte

The below courses cannot be included in the menu price

​Today’s Fish

Dkk 315,-

Kjærstrup chocolate & roasted almonds

Dkk 65,-

Irish coffee

Dkk 70,-

Children's dishes (12 years)

Todays fish (Smaller portion)

Dkk 150,-

Pasta Bolognese
Dkk 130-

Homemade ​

Neapolitan ice cream
Dkk 70,- ​

It is possible to pay by credit card as well as euro


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